Bhutan 08 Days Tour

Bhutan 08 Days Tour

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Duration 08 Days

Bhutan 08 days tour is another interesting trip in one of the few remaining Shangri Las on Earth. The scenery is amazing, the architecture inspiring, the people hospitable, and the culture undiluted.  Our 08 days tour in Bhutan dwells around the western region of Bhutan the heartland of the Drukpa people. Region has some of the most spectacular dzongs (fort-monasteries), beautiful farmhouses and natural beauty for which Bhutan is famous for.

Tour travels through Paro, Thimphu the capital of Bhutan, Punakha then Haa valley unfolding the ancient life and rich culture which is still practiced in Bhutan. While in Paro you will learn the vibrant history of Bhutan during your visit to the Ta Dzong Museum, you will also witness the Rimpong Dzong with its wooden cantilevered bridge, then drive to Thimphu the capital of Bhutan.  In Thimphu you will have an opportunity to visit National Library, Painting School, institution of medicines & National Memorial Chorten.  Then cross the 3050m Dochula Pass with its 108 chortens, numerous prayer flags and spectacular Himalayan views into the sub-tropical Punakha Valley which was once the capital of Bhutan.   Here we will visit the second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan enjoy the country side with a bit of hike.  After Punakha we will visit Haa Valley which has remained beautifully quaint and untainted by the influences of modern development.  Bhutan 08 Days tour concludes with a visit of Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) the holiest place for Bhutanese.  Reaching to this holy site involves 2 ½ hours climb from the valley floor.







Meal Plan

Tour Duration



Thimphu (2,334 m) : Fly to Paro and drive to Thimphu. 

Hotel LD

Approx.  1 ½ hrs drive

Guide & Vehicle


Thimphu (2,334 m) : In Thimphu we will visit National Library, Painting School, Institution of medicines & National Memorial Chorten.

Hotel BLD

Approx. 8 hrs

Guide & Vehicle


Punakha (1,200 m) : Today we drive to Punakha crossing Dochu La Pass (3,100 m). Upon reaching there we will visit Punakha Dzong.

Hotel BLD

Travel & Tour

Approx. 8 hrs

 Guide & Vehicle



Punakha  (1,200 m) : Day trip to Gangtey valley (3,000m), one of the most beautiful valley in Bhutan and home to global endangered black necked crane.

Hotel BLD

Travel & Tour approx. 8 hrs

Guide & Vehicle


Haa Valley : Drive to another scenic and serene valley located southwest of Paro.

Guest House BLD

Approx. 6 hrs drive

Guide & Vehicle



Paro  (2,195 m) :  Morning explore Haa Valley and then later drive to Paro which is around 2 hours drive.

Hotel BLD

Approx. 2 hrs

Guide & Vehicle



Paro (2,195 m) : Visit Taktsang Monastery and other Dzongs of Paro.

Hotel BLD

Approx. 7 hrs

Guide &Vehicle


Departure  : Transfer to the airport as per the flight schedule



Guide &Vehicle

B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner


Day 01 :  Fly to PARO & drive to THIMPHU  KB 401 1340/1455 hrs – 2,334 m

The flight into Bhutan on a clear weather day will offer some dazzling scenic views of some of world's highest glacial peaks. As you enter Paro valley, you will sweep past forested hills with the slivery Pa chu (Paro river) meandering down the valley below. Paro Dzong (fortress) and Ta Dzong (watch tower) on the hill above the town will be fine sight. After finishing your immigration formalities you will be met by our Representative at the arrival hall.

Then we drive 1 ½ hrs to Bhutan's capital, Thimphu, an exciting blend of tradition and modernity.

Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Thimphu. 


Includes : Arrival Pick Up, Transfer to Thimphu on a private vehicle, Lunch, Dinner and accommodation.

Day 02 - Thimphu : Tour In and Around THIMPHU (2,334 m)

Our tour today starts with a visit to the National Library which holds a vast collection of Buddhist texts and manuscripts, some dating back to several hundred years.  After, we visit the Institute for Zorig Chusum (commonly known as the Painting School) where student undertake a six year course on the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. Then we visit the National Institute of Traditional Medicine (outside only), where the medicinal herbs abundant in the Kingdom are compounded and dispensed, and traditional medical practitioners are trained.  After our tour takes you to the National Memorial Chorten, the building of this landmark was envisaged by the third king, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, as a monument to world peace and prosperity.  Completed in 1974 after his untimely death, it is a both a memorial to the late king (‘the father of modern Bhutan’), and a monument to world peace.   The painting and statues inside the monument provide a deep insight into Buddhist philosophy. We continue our tour by visiting the Folk Heritage and National Textile Museums

Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Thimphu.

Includes : Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner; Tour with Local English speaking guide, entrance fee during sightseeing tours, accommodation and private transportation

Day 03 : Drive to PUNAKHA (1,200 m)

Today after breakfast drive to Punakha, the old winter capital. Road climbs via a series of zigzags over the Dochu La Pass (3,048 m),  where on a clear day offers an incredible view of  eastern Himalayan peaks before descending into balmy Punakha valley (about 3 hrs total driving time). The drive through the countryside affords a glimpse of everyday life in this most remote of Himalayan kingdoms. In the Dochu-La area there are vast Rhododendron forests that grow to tree size and bloom in late April/early May covering the mountains in a riot of glorious spring colour.

Punakha was the ancient capital of Bhutan. On arrival, visit Punakha Dzong, the “Palace of Great Happiness” built in 1637 by the Shabdrung, the ‘Unifier of Bhutan’. It is situated at the confluence of the Mo Chu and Pho Chu (Mother and Father Rivers) and is the winter headquarters of the Je Khenpo and hundreds of monks who move en masse from Thimphu to this warmer location. The three story main temple of the Punakha Dzong is a breathtaking example of traditional architecture with four intricately embossed entrance pillars crafted from cypress and decorated in gold and silver. It was here in 1907 that Bhutan’s first king was crowned. Dzong’s are large monasteries and district administrative centres, which were once strategic forts.

Then after, walk to Chimi Lhakhang, temple of the Drukpa Kuenly who is also known as the Divine Madman. He inherited the Divine Madman title since he revolted against the orthodox Buddhism in his time. He taught the people that religion is an inner feeling and it’s not necessary that one should be an ordained monk. He is also considered a symbol of fertility and most childless couples go to his temple for blessing. Overnight at the hotel.

Includes : Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner; Tour with Local English speaking guide, entrance fee during sightseeing tours, accommodation and private transportation

Day 04 : Day trip to GANGTEY – (3,000 m)

Day excursion to the Gangtey Gompa valley situated at an altitude of 2800 meters. The only Nyingmapa monastery in western Bhutan is located here. This beautiful valley is also home to the rare Black Necked Cranes migrating from the Tibetan plateau to escape the harsh winter. Currently there are 200 to 300 cranes residing in this valley and the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) is taking every measures to ensure the safety of the Cranes. While the cranes reside in the winter valley for 4/5 months the village folks are not allowed to make load noises or fish in the river that runs through the valley. Explore the fascinating glacier valley and return to the Resort for an overnight stay.

Includes : Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner; Tour with Local English speaking guide, entrance fee during sightseeing tours, accommodation and private transportation

Day 05 : Drive to HAA VALLEY  - (2,670 m)

Today we drive to Haa Valley, the smallest Dzongkhag in the country with a very less population. This tiny region is one of the most beautiful and isolated areas in the kingdom, adorned with pristine alpine forests and tranquil mountain peaks.

Initially we drive to Thimphu visiting enroute Simtokha Dzong, the oldest Dzong of Bhutan built in 1627.  This Dzong has now become the Institute for Language and Culture studies.  Then we will also visit Handicraft and souvenir stores.

From Thimphu our drive goes via Chelela Pass which provides the panoramic views of the Paro and Haa Valleys along with Mt Jumolhari and the beautiful Himalayan ranges of Bhutan. Then we drive down through a deep pine forest into the narrow valley of Haa. Our stay here will be at beautifully restored Lechun Heritage Lodge experiencing the wonderful Bhutanese hospitality.

Includes : Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner; Tour with Local English speaking guide, entrance fee during sightseeing tours, accommodation and private transportation

Day 06  : Drive to PARO – (2,195 m)

Today stroll around the beautiful serene Haa valley which has remained beautifully quaint and unspoiled by the influences of modern development. Visit also provides the unparalled insight into the lives and traditions of Bhutan’ nomadic herders.  We will visit  Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo (white temple and black temple) that was built in the 8th century by the Tibetan King, Songtsen Gampo, after he sent two doves (one black and one white) to find a sacred place to build a monastery. In the late afternoon drive to Paro for overnight.

Includes : Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner; Tour with Local English speaking guide, entrance fee during sightseeing tours, accommodation and private transportation


After breakfast hike to Taktsang Monastery. The trail is broad and the walk of approximately 2 hours uphill takes you almost a kilometre above the Paro valley floor (for those who cannot hike we will arrange a horse for transfer up to the viewing point). The view of Taktsang Monastery built on a sheer cliff face 900 metres above the valley floor is a spectacular sight. The Monastery is also an important pilgrim site for the Buddhists. The great Guru Rimpoche is said to have flown here on the back of a tigress when he brought the teachings of the Buddhist Dharma to Bhutan in the 8th Century. He then mediated in a cave there for three months where the monastery was later built. Refreshments and lunch will be arranged in the tent specifically pitched on the path to Taktsang Monastery.

After lunch enjoy afternoon sightseeing around Paro, including a visit to Rimpong Dzong to see the painting of the great saint Milarepa, considered as the master of meditation by the Bhutanese and believed to have attained enlightenment in a lifetime.

Return back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Includes : Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner; Local English speaking guide,  entrance fee during sightseeing tours, accommodation and private transportation


Today transfer to airport for your onward flight

Includes : Breakfast &  airport transfers

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