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14 years of EXPERIENCE

FAR OUT is a set of team who has spent a long time exploring the Himalayan region. Our expertise, experience and intimate knowledge of this Himalayan region has allowed us to provide our valuable clients with interesting, exciting, economical and safety programs while at the same time maintaining our QUALITY SERVICE.
Since its establishment we have been successfully organizing various kinds of tours, treks and the other activities throughout Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Far Out Trekking is a Government registered company and as well as a member of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal and Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Team Members

  • Sunir Gurung  

    Sunir Gurung

    Sunir Gurung is an extremely experienced person in the field of adventure travel trade and management - a cool guy with a good sense of humor. He has a passion for improvement of eco-tourism and general welfare in Nepal, and whose secret love is BLUES music. He wants you to reach out, experience and touch Nepal with the quality and wholesome spirit of Far Out.

  • Hasina “Anja” Duelli  

    Hasina “Anja” Duelli

    Hasina "Anja" Duelli was born in the land of chocolates and cheese after she did her first tour in Nepal she fell in love with the Himalayas and the charming people. During this period Hasina mastered the Nepali language and gathered immense knowledge about the land, people and culture. Hasina is a solid leader and has been a professional guide for years. She holds a wilderness EMT certification. She is still venturing into more remote areas in Nepal, because she hopes to meet the Yeti one day.

Our Ideology

We strive to be a qualitative adventure company, through continually increasing professionalism and knowledge, applied with dedication and enthusiasm.

Our ideology is to help people plan and enjoy inspirational, stimulating and refreshing travel experiences, which exceed their expectations in terms of quality and value.

Also we are a strong eco conscious company in the fragile Himalayan region. We will try at all times to ensure that our trips are socially, economically and ecologically sound. We educate and encourage all the members of our expeditions to take an active part in protecting and respecting the environment.